21 May 2024

NovaLash’s Protective Pillowette to Preserve Lush Lashes

NovaLash has taken pretty to a whole new place—your pillow!

NovaLash’s newly released, silky soft LASHcloud is a crescent-shaped pillowette designed to suspend natural lashes, extensions and the delicate skin around your eyes in midair. The LASHcloud’s contoured edges eliminate any pillow friction that can result in tangled, twisted extensions, as well as premature shedding and unnecessary retouching.

The LASHcloud not only protects your lashes, it also offers a number of beauty benefits while you snooze! The pillowette prevents the “crushing” of delicate collagen fibers in the skin around the eyes, a problem that happens over time which leads to age-adding wrinkles around the eyes. It also improves nasal air flow, in turn permitting increased oxygenation of the body, easing aches and pains, enhancing the effects of expensive anti-aging facial products, and even acts as the perfect companion for cosmetic surgery recovery.

Not only does the LASHcloud revolutionize your beauty sleep at home, it also allows you to keep lashes dreamy on the go, explains NovaLash CEO and Creative Director Sophy Merszei. “The 100% natural, breathable silk pillowette’s contoured edges are so versatile and precise, it’s simple to fold into a single crescent to support your neck when traveling or for times when sleeping on your back,” she continues.

For more information visit www.novalash.com



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