22 May 2024

Top Ten Things You Should Know About… Charlie Price

As always here at Estetica USA we are looking to give our readers the inside scoop in the industry…

…and we are now going to incorporate a fun new section on our website dedicated to giving the inside scoop and then some, of industry icons! Here is our inside personal interview with hairstyling genius Charlie Price, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

What do you think 2014 has in store for you? “Not much sleep! I have many exciting projects, including collaborations with cool hairstylists, like Jake Thompson for my online magazine called Beauty Underground, campaigns and trade shows for Scruples Haircare, teaching classes all over the place, and watching my newest creation The Colorado Hairstyling Awards take flight.”

  • What celebrity would you love to style and why? “The supermodel Kristen McMenamy, because in her late forties she is still edgy, relevant, confident, and as inspiring as she was in her heyday of the early 1990s.”

What inspires you most often? “I’m frequently inspired by recurring themes such as, opposites/contrast: big cities, street fashion, rebels, the sky, outer space, sex workers, rock stars, fat people, ugly people, high art, high fashion, provocateurs, Japanese fashion, foreign fashion magazines, movies, British crime dramas, serial killers, goths, documentaries…. and the list goes on!

Who’s your hairstyling idol, and why? “I have so many! Guido, Eugene, Serge, etc…but I must say Julien Dys, because his work is raw and refined at the same time and completely authentic and unique to him and him only.”

What current trend do you love and hate, and why? “I love the return of short graphic hair and bright monochromatic hair colors. Women have started to look the same in recent history, I hate balayage and ombré because 99% of the time they look cheap, trashy, and typical.”

Name the biggest styling disaster you’ve had, how’d you recover? “I accidentally put eggplant streaks in a pale blonde client’s hair, I admitted my blunder, apologized profusely and gave her free color for six months.”

When you’re having an off day what do you do to get your head back in the zone? “Lay in bed all day, reading fashion magazines and watching crime TV.”

What’s the best two cents someone’s ever given you in the industry? Do what you love and the money will follow! I have found fame and gotten respect and made money, although not nearly enough money 🙂 …luckily freedom to not create money is the most valuable motivator for me to do so. I love my craft.”

If you could have dinner with 3 people dead or alive who would they be and why? Salvador Dali, because he was extravagant, insane, and brilliant. Oscar Wilde because he was irreverent, funny, fearless, and clever as hell. And Madonna, she is incredibly smart, stylish, liberated, accomplished, talented, political, and is my idol because she always challenges herself and her audience by constantly redefining the zeitgeist-pop culture and unapologetically wields her power as a woman in a patriarchal world.”

What’s your favorite places to go to in your city? “To the photo studio! I love my home town of Denver because of the amazing sunshine, open spaces, unpretentious people, and the pioneer spirit of the wild West. I am tired of all the guns and right wing politics though! I am one liberal that refuses to run away, Colorado is stuck with me!


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