21 July 2024

Dance Floor Feelings by Intercoiffure Brazil

This exciting and vibrant collection was inspired by the dance floor, people are free and let loose and celebrate!

The beats of music dictate the pace of movement. The intense and colorful lights sharpen the perception of a parallel world where fun and seduction prevail. The looks are sensual, flirty, and determined, these women are living the moment intensely. This concept of the dance floor that Intercoiffure Brazil Sao Paulo created is a collection of lush looks for women who are not afraid to be aggressive or feminine.

The atmosphere is present in voluminous hair with messy, oversized and provoked curls, geometrically carved fringes customize the face and reveal new characters. Short hair suggests edginess but their counterpoint is with medium length playful and dreamy hairstyles.

The looks are contrasted by colors to catch the eye and create unique original visuals. Beige and blue tones stand out on the blonde bases, while red and black are powerful together. These looks shine in the rhythm of the music at the same intensity of colored light.

  • Credits:
    Hair Stylists: Eliane Pavini, Jaime Alves, Lauro Boos, Mari Nicacio, Toni Borim
    Assistants: Tiago Francisco
    Make up: Joana D’Arc
    Fashion: Lauro Boos
    Art and Text: Claudio Ferreira
    Photography: Touche
    Photography Assistants: Diana Negrini, Larissa Tivelli
    Image Processing: Gabi Perissinotto, Amanda Paluzzi, Angelina Carrilli
    Models: Agency Kee Mod
    Production: Claudio Ferreira
    Coordinator: Lauro Boos


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