27 September 2023

Gimme-5 with Aveda’s Tippi Shorter on Culture Clash 2014!

Five of the industry’s most creative talents will gather at ISSE Long Beach 2014 to launch the Aveda Spring/Summer 2014 Collection: Culture Clash! Aveda Global Artistic Director for Textured Hair, Tippi Shorter gives us some clues…

The Aveda Culture Clash collection is about the different culture clashes, blending, and integration that happens. We met with Aveda Global Artistic Director for Textured Hair, Tippi Shorter for Gimme-5 and here’s what she has to say on what to expect from this year’s event and her workshop – you won’t be disappointed!

Where are you drawing your inspiration from for your presentation at ISSE?
“Culture Clash, the new Aveda Spring/Summer collection is the inspiration for our main stage presentation. We are bringing these gorgeous looks to life on stage. As for the class, it’s inspired by the Texture Curriculum that I’m currently creating for the Aveda stylist.”  

What can stylists expect from your hands-on seminar?
“The stylist can expect to get a sneak peak of the Texture 101 program that will be a part of the Aveda Curriculum.”

What are your key concepts to your signature styling?
“I have always been a fan of Healthy Hair First. You can achieve any look desired when you are working with a beautifully healthy palette.”

What are the biggest 2014 trends from your celebrity clients?
“All of my clients have gone through major changes in 2013 like Alicia Keys cutting off all of her hair and Jennifer Hudson going super short. You will have to stay tuned to see what we will do.”

Which are your favorite Aveda products to achieve big, sexy, and healthy hair?
“I love the new Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil and Control Force. Oh, and I can’t leave out Be Curly Curl Controller. I have too many favorites!”

Estetica USA will be attending the event and we can’t wait to share more exclusive interviews and news from ISSE Long Beach 2014!


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