22 May 2024

Dandy Empire… down to the last detail!

This season has only one imperative for the man. Be a dandy. The dandy trend has been seen everywhere lately – on the catwalks and in the streets!

This trend is about men looking and wearing what is considered to be traditionally feminine, retro, fanciful, and of course caring for the image itself down to the last detail. The mix or color, patterns, and fabrics are all essential! The looks are sometimes blatant and capricious –men wear hints of make up and an essence of perfume– in this trend anything goes! This look is difficult to distinguish to the untrained eye

The Dandy trend allows you to have fun with your style! They grow out their hair, because  it’s all about display and how you display it. For example: a man who has blonde and silky hair, can be played with the effect of being a ‘doll’, or create pure angel curls. Short hairstyles avoid banal looks. They focus on the texture of the hair, color, and styling. A luminous red can give character to total black. To be a dandy we must believe in colors, shapes… and think outside the box!

Photos: IMAXtree.com/Vincenzo Grillo


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