22 February 2024

Mystery Artero Show: The Magic of Hairdressers Like Never Seen Before!

With the eye-catching church of Basilica de Santa Maria del Pi in Barcelona (Spain) as a backdrop, five prestigious firms accounted for the most important moments of life in a charity show without precedent

Raffel Pagès, Aduho, Alberto Cerdán, Backstage BCN and Blue 01 Stylist were responsible for forming this magnificent show organized by Artero for the occasion of the TV3 Marathon, targeting the fight against neurodegenerative diseases. There was an exquisite representation with live music, ballet and special effects, which reflected the unmistakable style of the five firms through birth, communion, marriage, death, and resurrection.

The Alberto Cerdán team was responsible for the grand opening, they started off with representing birth through delicate ballet dancers dancing. At the end there was a surprise from the hand of famous model Alejandra Prat, which went up to the stage with a baby in her arms.

Backstage BCN created a beautiful story about communion in which is explained the passage from childhood to adolescence, through rhythm, color, joy and the innocence of this stage of life. On the runway, and passes out to the public, many candles were lit, highlighted amazing hairstyles.

Moreover, Blue 01 Stylist moved to their fantastic fairytale representation of marriage. Cinderella returned to life as well as, the stepmother, the fairy godmother and her charming Prince. Here they were also styled stunningly in dresses and beautiful elegant hair that captivated the audience.

The battle between good and evil came from the hand of Aduho. The firm was responsible for staging the death with a fantastic atmosphere of heaven and hell, thanks to the effects of lights, smoke, and huge wings that the models paraded. An impressive staging with a final message that was a true hymn to life.

Finally, Raffel Pagès team closed the action through the resurrection. Brilliant proposals, volumes and fancy hairstyles that ripped the applause from the audience, and put the finishing touch to an extraordinary night for the world of hairdressing… all inside one of the most emblematics church of Barcelona!

In the words of Raffel Pagès, “it all started with the dream of Alex Artero and ended up being a dream of all in fact. There was great enthusiasm and we were motivated by the solidarity cause, which led us to participate. In a certainly unusual environment, you had to be there to experience it. Trying to explain it does not reflect the enthusiasm that was experienced in the Basilica: exhausted entries, with an important array of human and technical resources, five firms made it possible for the public to enjoy and participate in a unique spectacle”.


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