13 April 2024

Nick Pagano’s Double Vision Twin Collection!

Goldwell artist, Nick Pagano has come out with his ‘Gemini, double vision a twin story’ collection full of vibrancy, color, and fierce hairstyles.

The looks are fresh and have a combination of blunt geometric lines, balanced by feminine beauty and softness. Hair shades are vibrant, fun, and different, making this collection unique all on it’s own.

Here’s how to achieve these hair colors:

For Blonde model, Nick Pagano used Goldwell’s Topchic high lift blonds, 11SV, using 30 volume developer. He highlighted with Goldwell’s Silk Lift high performance lighter and 3 drops of Silk Lift Intensive Serum to create a contrast of blonds, then he chose a hair painting and color blending technique. Finally he used an overlay of Goldwell’s Express Toning, a combination of 10 Cream and 10 Silver for a bit of control.

Red Head color formula: This was a soft pay on a two tone of Max reds with Elumen overlay, Goldwell’s Color Max reds. The silhouette color used was 6RV with 10 volume developer.

The remaining hair formula is a combination of Goldwell’s Max Red 6RR and 7RO with 20 volume developer. He used an Elumen overlay formula, a combination of  RR@all 40ml. RV@all, 4ml. and  PK@all 2ml.

For the color formulas for the models in the overalls, he used the same formula as the blonde above, only adding a style change.

The apricot blond with blonde highlights with apricot tips, is a combination of Colorance 9KG and Colorance lotion and Silk Lift high performance lightener with 20 volume developer  and 3 drops of Silk Lift Intensive Serum and Elumen Kb@, 30ml. 10mil kk@All, Pk@all 5 ml. Clear 3ml.

For this he used a combination of Blended Ombre, using the Colorance and Elumen, Heavy Hair painting using Silk Lift Lighter.

  • Credits:
  • Hair, Color & Style: Nick Pagano
    Photo: Denise Rose
  • Make Up: Dex Philip of Dex New York Cosmetics
  • Model: Ricky Hu


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