25 April 2024

Coiffure Legendaire: the most unusual Hood Hair Dryers in History!

Do you remember the time when these mythical helmet hood dryers started proliferating in ladies’ hairdressing salons? It was around the dawn of the 20th century. Do you know any salon where one may still remain standing and in use?

Raffel Pages houses some of the most amazing hood dryers in history in the Museum of History of Hairdressing. Some of these designs are so odd looking, even making us believe in genuine torture devices. We can imagine the fear of clients to put their heads inside when they were first introduced in salons!

Despite the obvious risk of possibly scorching their hair, the first standing dryers that were commercialized in 1910-1920 enjoyed an amazing success: it was a revolutionary invention in his time, stayed hooked up to the electrical current and it took about two hours to dry hair. Something which at that time represented an unprecedented and sensational time saving!

Hood hair dryers were refined during the first part of the 20th century, working with electricity, or even car batteries. Those methods were used due to the restrictions of electricity that were suffered during the wars that destroyed the European continent in this convulsed period… 

More information: www.museumraffelpages.com









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