22 February 2024

Joico’s Damien Carney 3 ways to get gorgeous tonight!

When it comes to creating the hottest glam hair for the holidays, Joico International Creative Director, Damien Carney, says the most minimalist adornment works its magic right now.

From sleek blow-outs to tousled waves or even loose-and-easy updos, these streamlined strategies follow fashion’s restrained-yet-sexy lead: Style expert, Sydne Summer –who masterminded the elegant looks here– favors uncomplicated lines and plenty of bling in the accessories department. “Simple can be dramatic, too,” adds Damien. “And it feels so modern now.”


Celebrity inspirations: Naya Rivera and Selena Gomez
Damien says:After several seasons of elaborate waves and curls, straight, smooth hair feels modern. It’s all about the parting with these looks—they should be dramatic.  So position them smack dab in the center or way off to the side. Once the hair is smoothed, it can be gathered into a ponytail, braided, or pulled back tightly on each side.  Keep the shape low and tight to the head.”
Joico Must-Haves: Smooth Cure Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Rescue Treatment; Power Spray Fast-Drying Finishing Spray; Power Gel Sculpting Gel

Get the Look:
1. Apply a few drops of Smooth Cure Leave-In Rescue Treatment to shampooed and conditioned hair.
2. Beginning at the nape, blow dry horizontal sections, working up to the crown, then around to the sides and up to the front.  Point the dryer down along the hair shaft.
3. If necessary, use a flat iron to touch up specific areas. Mist sections with Power Spray before iron smoothing for extended hold and control.
4. Sweep all hair across the head from a low side parting and secure in a low pony at the nape. Or, isolate a horseshoe section at the crown, slick the sides tight to the head with Power Gel and allow the top section to fall over the tightly gelled sides.
Tip: When blow drying, use a round brush if hair is thick or coarse; a paddle or Denman brush if hair is fine or straight.
Style Tips: Highlight your sleek hairstyle with a simple bodycon black dress. Let sparkly statement earrings peek out under your smooth strands and make the look more holiday with a red lip!


Celebrity inspiration: Julianne Hough
Damien says:Waves this season are organic and undone.  If it looks like you haven’t done enough, it’s probably just right!
Joico Must-Haves: K-PAK Shampoo and Conditioner; Smooth Cure Leave-In Rescue Treatment; Power Spray Fast-Drying Finishing Spray; Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo

Get the Look:
1. Apply a few drops of Smooth Cure Leave-In Rescue Treatment to shampooed and conditioned hair and dry thoroughly.
2. Beginning at the nape, create a horizontal section. Wrap midlengths and ends around a two-inch barrel iron.
3. Continue working up the head in horizontal sections in this manner. Alternate the direction of each curl and leave the ends uncurled from time to time in order to create a variety of interior textures.
4. Once all sections are waved, mist with Dry Shampoo and push the product into the hair to create modern texture and volume.
5. Spray hands with Power Spray and “skate” over the surface of the head with hands to tame flyaways.
Tip: This wave looks most modern on midlength cuts, so if hair is long, gather the lengths around your hands, roll them under and tuck and pin the hair at the nape.
Style Tips: Contrast the undone feel of your hair with a tailored jumpsuit. Then up the glam factor with art deco accessories and smoky gold eyes!


Celebrity inspiration: Elizabeth Olsen
Damien says: “Add a few colored wefts in jewel tones or watercolor shades to a slightly messy bun to create ripples of texture in the hair.”
Joico Must-Haves: K-PAK Thermal Design Foam

Get the Look:
1. If desired, place 1-2 inch wide clip-in, colored wefts slightly behind the hairline in the nape and occipital areas.
2. Apply Design Foam to dry hair, including the colored wefts.  Start with a golf ball size application and work the foam into the scalp and midshafts for volume and delicate texture.
3. Turn the head upside down and dry the mousse into the hair, encouraging the hair’s natural movement and texture.  Use fingers to break up the mousse in the hair, and stop before the hair is completely dry.
4.  Using your fingers as a brush, gather hair toward the back and secure in a loose bun.  Allow a few sections to fall free along the hairline.
Tip: Place the colored wefts in a diagonal or herringbone pattern. Approximately 5-7 wefts will be sufficient to provide subtle hints of color.

Style Tips: Messy hair makes feminine outfits more modern. So go all out with a fit and flare dress, bow accessories and a girlie pink lip.


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