13 April 2024

Coiffure Legendaire: Chutes and Ladders… Marie Antoinette Style!

Starting with this piece, we are introducing a Sunday series of the most unusual finds from the history of our profession. These pieces we will be sharing are from the most important museum of our profession, the Museum of History of Hairdressing of Raffel Pages.

This one of a kind ‘Chutes and Ladders’ is an engraving (55 x 80 cm) which belonged to the legendary French Queen Marie Antoinette and came from Paris 1770-1779. Dubbed ‘The New Game of the Dresses and Ladies Hairstyles’, this wonderful board game delighted the royalty of the pre-revolutionary French court ladies. Each hairstyle box had a trendy look, created by the legendary Léonard, the most famous hairdresser of all time and Marie Antoinette’s personal coiffeur.

Léonard, as well as being the Royal hairdresser portrayed in countless books and films devoted to Marie Antoinette, is also known for trying –unsuccessfully– to save his Queen from the guillotine, by trying to take her from prison. Engraved ‘Chez Crépy to Paris’, referenced in the book ‘L’Art de la coiffure feminine’ in Paris (1931), written by Stéphane, Hairdresser by S.M. Queen Elizabeth of Belgium and also by Geoffrey de Bellaigue in The Burlington Magazine, in December 1981.

The original print today occupies a privileged place in the Museum of History of Hairdressing of Raffel Pages in Barcelona.

More information: www.museumraffelpages.com


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