19 July 2024

Biolage Advanced: Professional and Prescriptive Formulas

Natural botanical ingredients and molecular science team up to meet hair’s most distinct needs.

Damaged hair is always a problem as there are so many types of damage, potential causes, and a variety of solutions to meet each one. But now Biolage Advanced from Matrix facilitates the  diagnosis and treatment of damaged hair with two groundbreaking regimens that combine the power of nature with breakthrough molecular science to help salons guarantee customized care for their most demanding clients seeking solutions for two distinct types of hair damage.

The first is Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong to reinforce fragile hair with a system designed to actually strengthen the hair strand with a combination of science and botanicals. Thanks to Intra-Cylane™ and Bamboo, the Fiberstrong formula adds resiliency and conditions the cuticle, leaving hair 12 times stronger after just one full system application.Because bamboo is one of the most resilient natural fibers, it can also provide strength and flexibility to fragile hair, while Intra-Cylane™ reinforces the hair strand by filling in the outer cuticle that has been damaged by brushing, heated styling tools, UV damage or just daily stress.

Salon professionals should start out with the  Intra-Cylane™ Concentrate in-salon service with the highest concentrate of this powerful ingredient. Then have clients follow up at home with Fiberstrong Shampoo and Conditioner and the daily Fiberstrong Intra-Cylane™ Fortifying Cream to help shield hair from breakage while conditioning the cuticle.

The second major problem is hair that takes a beating from chemical services like coloring, bleaching, relaxing, texturizing, or straightening. Biolage Advanced Keratindose was developed specifically to restore overprocessed hair by replenishing moisture and balancing proteins with Pro-Keratin and silk. Once again, botanical and biotechnology join forces to keep hair looking soft and suppler.

Plus, the Advanced Keratindose treatment can reverse up to full year of damage! Follow that up with the Biolage Advanced Keratindose three daily use formulas at home, and hair is bound to look better and feel healthier. Keratindose Shampoo provides optimum balance for overprocessed hair while the Keratindose Conditioner is packed with silk and pro-keratin for the extra moisture and proteins necessary. Then all your clients will need is a touch of Keratindose Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray to brighten shine and do away with frizz and flyaways while protecting hair from protein and moisture loss.
Salon clients can also log onto www.matrix.com/advanceddiagnosis  for a quick preview and online assessment of their specific hair damage needs.  A local Matrix salon can then use this as a starting point for a more customized evalutiona and a targeted Biolage Advanced salon treatment and home care strategy if necessary.  


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