21 July 2024

Now on-line! www.esteticamagazine.nl

The EsteticaNetwork web platform continues to expand. Hot on the heels of USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain and Latin America, websites,  now there is the Estetica Olanda website for Holland.

Although just a few days old, this new website is poised to take Dutch hairstyling. By storm. When visitors log on to  www.esteticamagazine.nl, they will immediately recognize the familiar format,  but the contents will be tailored specifically for professionals and companies that deal with the Dutch and European markets, thanks to a long-time Estetica partner  and an all Dutch editorial staff.

Look for news, updates, hair fashion, videos, and galleries from all the most important events and fashion shows. The Collection menu offers hair fashion collections by the hairstylists and companies but also retains inspired images from all corners of the globe through the 27 editions of Estetica Network! The News menu will help you keep a finger on the pulse of all the goings-on in this strategic area of the world. In the Look section, visitors will find the latest trends launched by celebrities on the red carpets or on catwalks. Then before signing off, check out all the latest news in products and new technologies, company training courses, and hairdressing chains.

This fascinating website is full of creative and educational suggestions and you will even be able to leave a comment or input through the Social Media pages of Estetica NL, Facebook, and Twitter.

Don’t miss this free ticket to navigate the world through Estetica Network. The world of hairdressing at a click of your mouse!


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