21 May 2024

Oceanic Color Collection by Nick Pagano

Turquoise, blue, green and yellow capture ocean hues as they capture the changing light of day.

Just as your mood changes day by day, day to night, weekday to weekend. The utmost versatility.

How to:

– Use Topchic 4bp w/ 10vol. developer as a back ground color.

– Pre-lighten all of my shine line sections with silk lift strong lighter and 30 vol. developer, using micro back-to-back sections to prepare my canvas

– The Elumen fashions shades used here are,

Elumen detail A, shine line left: 60 mil. of TQ@all, 5 mil. of BL@al, 10 mil. of SV@10

Elumen Detail B, shine line cente: 50 mil. of TQ@all, 10 mil. of YY@all, 10 mil. of SV@10

Elumen Detail C. shine line fringe: 40 mil of YY@all. Continue using YY@All as a blending technique, incorporating YY@all with detail A and B to achieve tones of detail A and B and being creative with your over lay of colors.

Hair: Nick Pagano, Goldwell Artistic Team U.S.A
Photo: Denise Rose White
Make-up: Dex Phillips for Dex New York Cosmetics
Products: Goldwell


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