22 May 2024

Summer Sunrise by Goldwell

Jesse Marcks names these hues after a fresh and inspiring sunrise, because every brand new day holds so many possibilities!

We like to interpret these as fresh summery fruity colors of peach, mango, and apricot as well. But that’s just what Jesse Marcks, owner and color specialist at Au Fait Salon (Madison, WI) and Goldwell® Hair Care Artistic Team Member’s Pushing Sunrise evokes – anything is possible!

Pushing Sunrise

Background: 50ml 40vol Goldwell® Topchic® Developer  + 20ml 11SV + 3ml Goldwell® Blonding Crème + 2ml 7RO Goldwell® Topchic® Hair Color

Detail (Micro Slices): Goldwell® ELUMEN® Hair Color
1. 40ml NB@10 + 30ml KB@7 + 10ml YY@ALL + 2ml RR@ALL + 2ml PK@ALL
2. 30ml SV@10 + 2ml PK@ALL + 1ml TQ@ALL
3. 25ml GB@9, 3ml PK@ALL + 3ml KK@ALL + 2ml YY@ALL
4. 40ml SV@10 + 6ml NA@8 + 2ml PK@ALL + 2ml RR@ALL

Watercolor Glaze (applied to towel dried hair): Goldwell® ELUMEN® Hair Color 35ml NB@10 + 25ml Clear + 7ml KB@7 + 3ml YY@ALL + 2ml PK@AL

“Adding accent color is the perfect way to customize color and this formula makes my clients feel like anything is possible,” says Marcks. 

For more info: www.patrickmcivor.com, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Patrick-McIvor/130006393781192; https://www.facebook.com/goldwell; https://www.facebook.com/KMSCaliforniaUS; Contact: Glow Communications: squinn.glow@me.com, 207-781-2598.  


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