23 April 2024

Hellyda by TIGI

A block colouring technique was used on pre-lightened hair, working a pale blonde tone to create a timeless orchid white effect.

1- Hair has been pre-lightened using Formula 1, processed until target level 10/0 has been achieved. Toner is then applied to damp towel-dried hair. Begin by creating a centre profile parting from centre forehead to top crown.

2 –Take a radial parting starting at the top crown working towards the ears on both sides of the head. Secure the front two sections with TIGI PRO Sectioning Clips.

3 – Starting from the radial parting 2 inches above the ear, take a slight diagonal back parting meeting at the centre of the occipital bone. Repeat the same on opposite side creating a V-shape section. Secure the top section using a TIGI PRO Sectioning Clip.

4 – Put on protective gloves. Begin application on the remaining hair by working horizontal slices from the nape, applying Formula 2 to the first 2 inches of the root area. Once complete isolate using TIGI copyright©olour Meche strips.

5 – Start application on the top section by taking slight diagonal slices, applying Formula 3 to the first 2 inches of the root area. Continue working in the same way until section is complete.

6 – Working on the 2 remaining front sections, take diagonal back slices from the crown applying Formula 3 to the first 2 inches of the root area. Continue working in the same way until both sections are complete. Process for 5 minutes.

7 – Refresh the lengths and ends using using the corresponding Formulas (2 & 3) for up to 10 minutes. Emulsify, rinse and remove using Bed Head by TIGI Urban Antidotes Recovery shampoo and conditioner.

 Natural level – 7/0 Blonde

Formula 1:
50g TIGI copyright©olour true light white
+ TIGI copyright©olour activator 20vol/6%
Formula 2: Linen Blonde
20g TIGI copyright©olour gloss 9/83
+ 20g TIGI copyright©olour gloss 0/03
+ TIGI copyright©olour activator 8.5vol/2.55%
Formula 3: Lilly White
20g TIGI copyright©olour gloss 9/21
(coming soon)
+ 10g TIGI copyright©olour gloss 00/
(coming soon)
+ TIGI copyright©olour activator 8.5vol/2.55%

Colorist: Richy Kandasamy


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