21 May 2024

Lovers Game with Viktorija Pashuta and Lucie Doughty

Two talented artists join forces with a winning team to create a fashion-forward film

The La Jolla Fashion Film Festival is the first international fashion film festival to be founded in North America, intended to empower, support and recognize the creative professionals who make up the fashion film community worldwide.

Indeed, less than 1% of all fashion films produced worldwide each year make it into the IFFAs, which means they are some of the most brilliant and creative examples of filmmaking today, offering a glimpse of what’s trending in the minds of the world’s top fashion houses, designers, and stylists interpreted through the lens of their filmmaking counterparts.

This year, one of the top ranking films was “Lover’s Game”, which racked up nominations in the Best Picture, Best Director, Best Make-up, and Best Music along with two other nominations of which Estetica is particularly proud – Lucie Doughty for Best Hairstyling and Viktorija Pashuta, who co-directed Lovers Game with Miguel Gauthier, for Best Fashion – whose works have been featured in Estetica USA.

Estetica here presents some of Lucie’s backstage imagery of her work for this winning film, evoking fiery passion and glamorous sensuality, expressed through the stark contrast of red accents against black&white imagery. The soundtrack marks a Bolero-esque rhythm of a dance of courtship. While Lucie reveled in her nomination, Viktorija actually took home the Best Fashion Award that night.

Congratulations to both! And here’s hoping this collaboration will lead to many more successes in the future!


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