23 April 2024

Kiara Mooney at RAW Boston

When RAW summoned Boston-based hairstylist and make-up artist Kiara Mooney for their Kaleidoscope show, she responded with “Fearlessly Avant-Garde”

Every month, RAW, the indie arts organization for artists by artists, selects and showcases artists in film, fashion, music, art, performing art, hairstyling, makeup artistry and photography and accessories. RAW creates a one night showcase event that features local creativity in all of its flavors.

So when RAW contacted Kiara Mooney, she didn’t hesitate. Kiara told Estetica why she called her collection “Fearlessly Avant-Garde”, saying, “I wanted to put on a show that offered different textures, larger than life hair and combinations of styles that people haven’t seen. I actually connected two of the girls together with a braid and gave one of my models a necklace of hair! I didn’t want any limits which is why I chose the word ‘fearlessly’.”

Kiara worked closely with jewelry designer Tracy Belben, who created eight chain link bodysuits for the show. So while the models sometimes give a dark impression of being “chained” down, their hair expressed total freedom and rebellion.

“I wanted a certain dark feel to it and continued a certain ‘teased & textured’ look to all my models. I wanted some “roughness” to the look, almost “bad-ass” dark beauty,” explained the featured artist. And as if to mimic the chain jewelry, she even gave one of models a “veil” made of hair she hand wove ad hoc.

Mooney also draws inspiration from many sources for her hair, make-up and headpieces (featured in the Spring issue of EsteticaUSA), including shapes from nature, like feathers and seashells from local Cape Cod beaches.

A “raw” talent to be reckoned with, with a global and fearless vision of world beauty.

Creative Director: Kiara Mooney
Hair: Michelle Orescovich
Supportive Hairstylist: Brittney Bodwell
Photo: Dan Minicucci
Lead Makeup Artist: Yolanda Thurmann
Jewelery Designer: Tracy Belben  
Headpieces: Kiara Mooney

Visit www.RAWartists.org and www.kiaramooneyhmua.com  for more information.



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