25 April 2024

Fabio Sementilli heads up Wella North America Education

Fabio Sementilli‘s new position as Vice President of Education announced by Wella North America CEO Reuben Carranza 

Students gain the most from dynamic educators skilled in their craft but also capable conveying warmth and passion. So who better for the position of Vice President of Education than the already popular platform artist Fabio Sementilli with his ICAN approach?

In fact, Reuben Carranza, Wella North America CEO, credits Sementilli’s educational philosophy with bringing a team approach and competition to the forefront of the professional educational practice. Carranza explains,  “It blends ‘Integrity,’ to do what’s right on behalf of the craft; ‘Courage,’ to learn, share with and mentor the next generation; ‘Aspiration,’ to aim for success through practice and servant leadership; and ‘Next,’ to pursue personal and team development. This vision has and will continue to transform Wella Education into the most powerful force for the support of the salon professional.”

“I’m proud and happy to lead Wella Education in our mission to support the ‘PHDs,’ the professional hairdressers, of North America,” said Sementilli. “It’s important for us to generously offer our peers and the next generation a ‘beacon of hope,’ so they can aspire higher and realize their goals in every facet of our industry.”

Canadian-born Sementilli joined Wella in 2007 after a 23-year career as a World Champion, international platform artist and salon owner with sister Mirella. He moved to the U.S. in 2010 to head up Wella’s creative force. In his new role, Fabio confirms Wella’s commitment to developing partnerships with salons  saying, , “Our sole purpose and responsibility will be to serve our boss, the professional hairdresser, with world-class technical education, creative inspiration and meaningful innovation with a focus on personal and professional development.”

Wella North America Education has assembled a team of several hundred artist-educators to offer craft- and creative-based education across the U.S. and Canada, whether in salons across North America, at the Wella Studios in New York and Los Angeles or on platform at shows such as America’s Beauty Show and Premiere Orlando, or even in seminars in alliance with the Oribe Atelier. Wella also a leader in e-Education at www.pgsalonpro.com. The Education group also organizes several world-renowned competitions, most notably Wella Trend Vision, Wella Student Competitions and Sebastian’s What’s Next, to stimulate artistic creativity in bringing hairdressing to the next level.


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