24 June 2024

Matrix Summertime Checklist

Everyone love having something new for summer sun’n’fun time! But beware also of sunlight, chlorine, thermal tools, and chemical abuse.

This year Matrix suggests giving your hair top priority with some quick and easy ideas to keep your hair looking trendy AND healthy.

Go Out With a Bang. Choosing the right fringe is the best way to flatter any facial shape. For example, a side-sweeping fringe will create flattering definition of face on the round or full side. Try balancing a square jawline with a blunt fringe. Bangs can also mask a long forehead or pull focus to your gorgeous eyes. For easy styling and control, just use a spritz of Biolage Smooth Shine Milk before blow-drying.

Try a Lob. Celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Julianne Hough have recently done away with their long locks in favor of the trendy long bob or “lob” – NOT, however, to be confused with  soccer mom crop. To keep this cut looking edgy, the ends should be choppy and the texture should be piece-y and undone. Scrunch Matrix Design Pulse Get Action Spray Wax into dry locks for the perfect matte finish.

Peek-A-Boo Pastel. Pale, pearly pastel hues like mint or robin’s egg blue are perfect for adding a refreshing touch to your coif. Why not ask your hairdresser to add a few subtle strands of your favorite pastel shade to your hair style. If you’re blonde, it’s easy to tip the ends or accent a few layers in a dusty lilac or powdery pink. If your hue is darker, strands will have to be lightened before applying the final pastel hair color. 
Tip: A professional lightener like Matrix V-Light De-Dusted Lightener does the heavy lifting without damaging hair. 

Damage Control The first step in fixing the damage is figuring out what kind of damage has been done. Don’t hesitate to consult with your hairdresser on this one. He or she is always ready and willing to help you understand which of the two main types of hair woes you may be suffering from. In the meantime, which of these descriptions make you say, “That’s my hair!”

Woe #1.  You swim, you sun, you brush, you blow dry, you tease. Now you’re sporting lots of wispy breakage and it’s getting harder and harder to get your hairstyle to look full and healthy. No use in fretting.  Your strands need reinforcement to prevent further breakage and deterioration. The new Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong system is designed to actually strengthen hair strands thanks to unique formulas containing Intra-Cylane™ and Bamboo. Follow up at home with Shampoo, Conditioner, Fortifying Cream and professional salon Intra-Cylane™ Concentrate to add resiliency and condition the cuticle—leaving hair 12 times stronger after just one use.

Woe #2.  You color, you highlight, you receive regular straightening or smoothing treatments, you’re addicted to curling and flat irons. Lately your strands are dry, limp and lifeless. This means that your locks are likely to be over-processed and lacking nourishment and moisture. It’s as if you over-bleached your favorite black t-shirt, leaving it rigid and lifeless. Hair like this needs moisture and nourishment, and lots of it immediately! The new Biolage Advanced Keratindose System infuses hair that has been depleted by chemical services with the perfect balance of essential moisture and protein. With the Keratindose daily regimen—Shampoo, Conditioner and Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray– hair is 90% more conditioned after one use. And get this! A single professional Advanced Keratindose treatment reverses a full year of damage!

So take stock and visit your hairdresser before hitting the beach, the pool, the golf course or the tennis courts. No matter what your destination, be sure to prep your hair as you would your skin for summer fun.

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