21 April 2024

PBA Launches New “I Am A Professional. I Am Licensed.” Campaign

The movement to raise awareness about fighting deregulation and unite licensed beauty professionals is underway!

Many states across the U.S. have already passed or are taking into consideration measures to deregulate occupational licensing, especially in the cosmetology industry. Although licensing and regulation is believed by some to be a deterrent to employment in the beauty industry and an obstacle to healthy market competition.

Yet, an independent national poll on the regulation and licensing of cosmetologists, the voting public believes deregulation would be detrimental: 94 percent polled are in favor of mandatory licensing for beauty professionals. Sixty-seven percent polled also acknowledged that deregulation may very well lead to inadequate sanitation and cleanliness. So in the long run, a vast majority fear that deregulation would eventually have a negative effect on consumers.

This is where the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is stepping up to the plate in a continued effort to educate legislators, consumers and the industry on the importance of beauty industry licensing and regulations.

The PBA’s new “I Am A Professional. I Am Licensed.” awareness campaign aims to build a stronger, more united front of licensed professionals by arming them with information to share with their clients on why licensing is important.

You too can participate by requesting that the PBA send a window cling to display and helpful talking points to share with clients about the health and safety risks when using unlicensed stylists.

For more information and to request materials, please visit http://probeauty.org/iam.


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