13 April 2024

Indira Schauwecker @ Toni&Guy takes home the AIPP Grand Trophy 2012-2013!

Indira Schauwecker (Toni&Guy, UK) was crowned absolute winner at the most recent edition of the AIPP GRAND TROPHY 2012-2013.

This young and talented hairdresser’s name will now join the ranks of other international artists who have won the most renowned award in the hairdressing industry worldwide. The AIPP Grand Trophy Award Ceremony was held on Sunday, March 10th at Cosmoprof Worldwide 2013 (Bologna, Italy), one of the most important professional beauty event in Europe. The Ceremony was emceed by Roberto Pissimiglia, AIPP President, who welcomed the winner, who travelled to Bologna to receive her brand new AIPP Grand Trophy Award on stage.

Indira declared that she was very moved and proud to have received this acknowledgement by the editors of the best professional magazines in the world. She expressed her excitement to the audience. “It’s an amazing honor. Every year, when you are pushing yourself to create a new collection, you are always worried if it’s something that people will like or understand. So obviously winning this Grand Trophy really shows me that people like my work and that all my months and months of sleepless nights have definitely paid back.”

“Being judged by editors that keep seeing the amazing work of hairdressers from around the world all the time and win this competition makes it even more special”, said Indira.

The AIPP Grand Trophy 2012-2013 Winner asked Toni Mascolo, Toni&Guy founder and CEO, to join her on stage. Mascolo was present during the ceremony and was very proud to celebrate Indira’s success.

With her trophy in hand, Indira Schauwecker joins the Hall of Fame of the AIPP Grand Trophy winners, a roster of the best hairstylists in the world:

1997-1998    Joan Anglada (Spain)
1998-1999    Jean-Claude Gallon (France)
1999-2000    Anthony Whitaker (Australia)
2000-2001    Andrew Collinge (UK)
2001-2002    Trevor Sorbie (UK)
2002-2003    Charlie Miller (UK)
2003-2004    Trevor Sorbie (UK)
2004-2005    Errol Douglas (UK)
2005-2006    Tono Sanmartín (Spain)
2006-2007    Robert Lobetta (USA)
2007-2008    Tom Kroboth (Austria)
2008-2009    Petra Mechurova (Cezch Republic)
2009-2010    X-Presion (Spain)
2010-2011    Rush (UK)
2011-2012    Angelo Seminara (UK)
2012-2013    Indira Schauwecker @ Toni&Guy (UK)

Now it’s already time to think about the new edition, AIPP AWARDS 2013-2014!!! Hundreds of hairdressers around the world are already preparing their dossiers with their spring-summer collections to compete in one of the five categories for the first stage of the prize: Best Commercial Hairstyles, Best Avant-Garde Hairstyles, Best Photography, Best Men’s Hairstyles and Best Video, a category rewarding the best video-clips presenting new trends and collections (max. 3 minutes).

The deadline for receiving the collections is June 30th, 2013.


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