21 April 2024

Goldwell Elumen Hair Color for dip-dyeing dark hair

Dip-dyeing dark hair is easier with Goldwell® Elumen Hair Color. Patrick McIvor shows you how.

Patrick McIvor, Artistic & TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California, suggests using Goldwell® Topchic® Permanent Hair Color followed by Goldwell® Elumen® Hair Color for when you want to get permanent color results from a direct dye when dip dying dark hair. 

Goldwell® Elumen® Hair Color delivers up to 76% more color intensity than oxidative permanent hair colors and up to 37% more shine than intensive demi-permanent hair colors. And because colorists can visually see the color, it’s much easier to apply.

But remember that special colors need special care, so recommend that clients take home Elumen® Wash Shampoo, Care Spray and Intense Conditioner to maintain shine and protect their in-salon color service.


·       Part hair from ear to ear and take a triangle section behind one ear.

·       Plan for 3-4 sections, back comb each section twice for a soft transition and don’t remove too much hair if the desired result is strong color.

·       Mix 5 ml Topchic®12BM with 10 ml 12% lotion and apply to each section, laying a foil over the section for a compact foil when finished.  Process 45 minutes, rinse, shampoo and condition with Goldwell® DualSenses® Hair Care.

·      Saturate hair with Elumen® Prepare Spray – a pre-color treatment specifically designed to prepare hair for positively charged direct color dyes, towel dry and lightly blow dry if needed.

·      Apply Elumen® RR@all to the bottom third of the section, feathering Elumen® Tq@all to the second third of the section.  Repeat for each section.

·      Process at room temperature for 30 minutes (or 20 minutes under an open heat source).



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