23 May 2024

Viviscal Professional has a new design and improved formula

Viviscal Professional debuts their new, upgraded packaging design for their brand.

Viviscal Professional, the leading brand of dietary supplements for the treatment of reversible thinning hair/hair loss, now has a new sleek and sophisticated look plus a scientifically formulated insignia of authenticity. The new packaging and insignia are intended to reinforce the brands positioning and professional nature, while increasing shelf impact.  

And as an added bonus, Viviscal Professional supplements now contain an additional 150mg of AminoMar marine complex, the key proprietary ingredient that nourishes thinning hair and promotes existing healthy hair growth from within. The supplements are also drug-free and safe from harmful side effects.

The product works in four stages over a period of four to six months, but many users see results even sooner. 
1. First, Viviscal Professional nourishes hair follicles
2. It strengthens and encourages the growth of existing hair
3. Finally, it works on areas where hair growth has slowed or stopped, resulting in stronger, healthier and more vibrant hair


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