23 April 2024

A landmark for EsteticaUSA…

This final edition of 2012 marks the 100th issue of EsteticaUSA! But we haven’t gotten older! We’ve gotten better! Be sure to check out your copy wherever and however you prefer…

Many things pass through everyone’s minds at year’s end. It is a time of reckoning, for calculating the bottom line of the year past, and a time of looking forward to a fresh start, inspiration, and new resolutions. And for EsteticaUSA, this final edition of 2012 marks the 100th issue! So now more than ever, this is a special occasion to thank all our partners  and readers, manufacturers and distributors, schools and salons, hairdressers and readers for their continued support and collaboration.

Appropriately so, this issue features reports on all the leading brand events worldwide. Because that is what Estetica does best!  Also because while hairdressers tend to be tied closely to their own territory and local clients, they are also the lifeblood of an industry with an international scope that covers all corners of the globe. And for a few days every now and then, all this lifeblood flows into the hearts of the business for a refreshing infusion of inspiration and creative energy with events like Goldwell Color Zoom, the Aveda Master Jam, and Wella Trend Vision Awards, just to name a few.

With a view to inspiration, our international pages are brimming with the latest and most stunning imagery from all your favorite brands worldwide, the perfect eye-candy when you need a hairdressing sugar buzz. In this issue you will also find insightful interviews with industry leaders to inspire your inner entrepreneur and tips on how to boost your bottom line with retail techniques.

So we can safely say that 2012 was a good year for hairdressing and for EsteticaUSA, which instead of becoming an old and decrepit centenarian has become more vital than ever, with the launching of our new website at www.esteticamagazine.com  and reaching more than 1000 Likes on our Facebook fan page .

Digital media bring the global hairdressing community closer than ever, resulting in an endless exchange of techniques, products, and ideas that can only improve, taking hairdressing professionals above and beyond the limits of their imagination, allowing them to grow and improve with every innovation. And EsteticaUSA is thrilled to be a leading player in this growth.

Here’s looking forward to 2013, four more printed issues, and plenty of digital updates! Hair today….and tomorrow!

Marie Scarano and the Estetica Team


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