23 February 2024

Form Not, Want Not

What’s the secret to creating backcombed styles with more lift and building shapes without using molds?  The Sam Villa Signature Series Textur® Iron and Textur Lacing.

This magical combination makes hair pliable, so it can be molded into incredible shapes without using forms or pads. Because Textur® expands hair and creates texture that works as a foundation for the shape, forms are not needed. Thie is the perfect solution for avant-garde looks and for updo’s.
“This technique is great when you want to create a pad or cushion to support an updo – from a little bump for clients or mile-high style for editorial and shows,” says Sam Villa, 2012 Stylist Choice Award Winner, Founding Partner of the Sam Villa® brand and Education Artistic Director for Redken 5th Avenue.

Mile-High Style
1. Use the Textur® Iron to texturize the entire head.
2. Target where to build volume and section hair in that area into slices.  
3. Backcomb each slice with a Sam Villa Signature Series Tail Comb by holding hair up 90° with four fingers and the palm of the hand (not the thumb) – three long strokes to build a cushion and then lighter strokes working towards the ends.
4. For fine hair, hair that needs to be roughed up or when backcombing won’t hold, use the Sam Villa Signature Series Textur® Iron to backcomb the section instead of the tail comb.  The altered texture in the compressed sections has mega staying power, especially when sections are stacked.
5. Apply Redken fashion work 12 working spray to sections, roll/morph hair into desired shape or form and secure with pins.  This is your pad – secure or place any wefts/hair pieces to this pad, since it’s real hair, it pieces will not slip like they do on a traditional pad.
6. Wrap remaining hair around shape to create desired style. 

 Bumps and Lifts
1. Create a horizontal section at the top/crown area of the head. Place Textur® iron at mid- shaft and compress lightly.
2. Slide the iron down the shaft of the section to build volume at the base – like backcombing the section with the iron.
3. Continue working with horizontal sections at the crown to build a solid base.
4. Spray Redken forceful 23 super strength finishing spray at least 6 inches from the head for maximum control.
5. Using a flat styling brush (try the Sam Villa Styling Brush)—brush through the hair to begin forming the cushion/padding.
6. Use hands to form the shape and finish with more hairspray.



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