10 December 2023

Hairstylists steal the show Las Vegas

The last day of The Gathering by Paul Mitchell put top international hairstylists of this brand in the spotlight.

The 2012 edition of Paul Mitchell’s traditional “family” reunion has sadly come to an end. The third day offered even more look & learn sessions (17 classes with 125 students each) and opened with an intense and inspiring full immersion that included most of the 3500 participating hairdressers present in Las Vegas.

By drawing upon life experiences from other sectors – like athletes missing a leg or with only one arm who succeeded in overcoming such disabilities and are now legends in their own right – and by examples of success within the brand, the stage was filled with men and women who narrated how they made the ‘Impossible Possible‘, the slogan that had become the hallmark of the entire event this year. Beginning with the completely original soundtrack that reiterated the message.

Then there was the grand finale in the afternoon. If the first day had focused on products as presented through hair fashion, the last day focused on the best stylists of this brand: artistic directors as well as the top names in Paul Mitchell education. A nostalgic Robert Cromeans headed up the show, dressed as a sort of Charlie Chaplin followed by a 1920’s fashion show that narrated the birth of the beauty industry amidst elegance and femininity.

And then, in order of appearance, there was Linda Yodice, who “tamed” a women possessed, Scott Cole, who played with shades of green, and Lucie Doughty, who interpreted the concept of Curls. Then Takashi thrilled everyone in a darkly haunting atmosphere, Stephanie Kocielski worked on the concept of nature in a frenzy of butterflies and optimism and, finally, Angus Mitchell, who surprised everyone by hovering over the audience.

And in the end, everyone was on stage with John Paul Dejoria for expressions of gratitute and good-byes. But above all, to remember that nothing is impossible! Not even Love, Peace and Happiness. Who knows what surprises are being planned for the next edition. Once again in Las Vegas, in July 2013.


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