23 February 2024

Cutting smarts with KMS California

Groundbreaking KMS® California hair care experts are launching the innovative IQ Cutting Method™ – a unique, technique-based cutting approach!

The innovative feature of the IQ Cutting Method™ is that it is a technique that also allows stylists “the freedom to think for themselves” by providing them with a no-nonsense toolset of 12 cutting techniques as a foundation for an endless number of haircuts: the perfect combination of left-brain logic and right-brain creativity. Designed by members of the KMS® Brand Artistic Team from 6 different countries, The IQ Cutting Method™ teaches cutting techniques – not haircuts, enabling stylists to create customized coifs to fit their client’s face, life style, and desires.

Brian Bode, Lead Artistic Director for the KMS® California Team, explains the objective behind the system, saying, “I believe one of the best questions to ask in a consultation is “What do you want your hair to say about you?” With the IQ Cutting Method™, a stylist will have the tools to provide the perfect look for that client, no matter what the reply. It is about individuality – real people with real lives and a real interpretation of what beauty means to them.”
The KMS® California Brand IQ Cutting Method™ classes are available at the KMS® California Hair Care Academies located in Santa Monica, Baltimore, Toronto and Vancouver

For more information and to register, visit www.kmscalifornia.com or call 800.627.3377.


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