22 February 2024

Estetica Design presents Cyrill Zen, Germany

The new Munich salon of Cyrill Zenhäusern (partner, creative consultant and make-up artist of La Biosthétique Paris), plays on games of contrast and the warm shades of white and red against dark wood.

Mitteleuropean rigidity based on a simple yet effective concept. A practical division of space allows specific areas dedicated to different services. The trademark style of La Biosthétique Paris is personalised with touches of red in the rugs and seats. Cyrill’s long stay in Paris obviously influenced his tastes and this is clear in glamorous details, like the crystal chandeliers. This flagship salon has been extremely carefully designed, which seems logical if you consider the fact that the hairstylist in question has collaborated with the biggest names in fashion magazines – from Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar – and with photographers of the ilk of Michel Compte and Paolo Roversi.



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