23 May 2024

Malibu C Crystal Gel: perfect control

Finally a primer that helps professional colorists to save time and tweak colors perfectly.


The 100% vegan Malibu C Crystal Gel preps hair by will filler-like properties. Morever, just a small amount of Crystal Gel brushed into bleaching hair stops oxidation during foil processing for ultimate control that cannot be achieved with water alone.

Tom Porter, CEO of Malibu C, also points out that this oversight might also lead to hair breakage once your clients get home. “If you do not deliberately stop the oxidation, it will continue for days after the color service. Shampoo and water cannot stop oxidation. A light brushing of Crystal Gel costs pennies and will ensure that the color will not continue to process,” he explains.

This product can also shield the scalp from irritation and staining, as well as protect stylists’ hands to prevent chapping or irritation.


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