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Video Alert! How To: Create Horizontal Waves With a Marcel Iron | Ruffled Waves

Friday, 06 April 2018 21:55


Waves are the new braids! They’ve evolved from beachy to loose to organic… to anything goes.  Watch Sam Villa, co-founder of Sam Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken demonstrate how to create Ruffled Waves with a marcel iron.

Anna Peters, our education ambassador, shared this technique with us and it’s really cool because you use horizontal iron placement to create waves that are loaded with volume and bounce,” says Villa.

These waves are different because they move up and down versus side to side like most other waves. It’s quick and simple, so it’s a great technique to teach guests. Remember, the size of the barrel affects the design – the bigger the barrel, the wider the distance will be between the waves.

Ruffle Waves
– Spray section with Redken iron shape 11 for heat protection and hold.
– Insert the barrel of a Sam Villa Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Iron & Wand under the section about 2” from the scalp with the spoon on top of the section, clamp down with the spoon and slightly roll to avoid a crease.
– For the second ruffle, place barrel on top with spoon underneath and clamp at the seam of the first ruffle again with a slight roll to avoid a crease from the spoon.
– Continue alternating placement of barrel moving down the section and matching the seam of the previous ruffle.  Gently wrap the ends on the last ruffle to finish.

To Style
– Emulsify Redken No Blow Dry Just Right Cream in hands (front, back and between fingers) and gently lift and sculpt each ruffle for definition.
– Finish with Redken fashion work 12 flexible hairspray – it’s a great spray for holding organic texture because it provides soft control without making hair look unnatural.  HOT TIP: Mist hands with the spray and manipulate texture with hands to style and set.

Peters was inspired by the ruffled accents in fashion and the popularity of natural texture. “Clients that have natural wave to their hair, especially when naturally curly hair is brushed out, have more of a horizontal in and out movement versus traditional waves and curls. People are always looking for new waves to create body and movement, and I wanted to create something on trend that complimented natural texture,” explains Peters.

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