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As a hairdresser, making it to the stage of a major brand is one of the hottest gigs in the industry; you get to travel while giving back insight and knowledge to those who love the same things you do!

As Founder/CEO of Organic Pure Care, Andrea Candian created the haircare company in 2011 based on the foundation of precious plant extracts, going green and true European VeganOK Standards to all Organic Pure Care products.

Organic Pure Care knows that true luxury is what makes us feel good, not only for five minutes, but every moment of our lives, day after day.

The Organic Pure Care brand is known for its exclusive products dedicated to body and hair care, all of which feature balanced formulas based on quality plant extracts. Each one makes it easy to take care of oneself through a series of simple everyday gestures.

Stylists and Salon Business owners Arsalan and Arezo Hafezi had long envisioned distributing top of the line products and tools to salon professionals for improved quality of service.

Expectations by Organic Pure Care

Wednesday, 10 May 2017 10:20
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The natural world is melded with creativity, breathing new life into the idea of everything that is green. Expectations C006 is the collection that crosses the lines of clear-cut and sophisticated forms, with colors brimming with luminescence and personality.

Thinking business and thinking environmental responsibility do not often go hand in hand. There’s either one or the other and a balance is very hard to accomplish with full return on investment.

Organic Pure Care blend treatments –Energizing, Volumizing, Hydrating & Nourishing– take advantage of the beneficial properties of nature to deal with hair and skin problems and to recreate a real SPA atmosphere in your hair salon.

Restructuring and nourishing the hair during the coloring process is not a utopia – it’s COLORGANIC by Organic Pure Care.

Curl Booster of the Organic Pure Care Styling & Finishing line is an elasticizing gel, perfect for creating defined curls and fighting frizz!

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