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Davines gives its best-selling OI family a brilliant facelift!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015 17:00

Each of the Davines OI products – OI Shampoo ($28), Conditioner ($34), Beautifying Oil ($42) and All In One Milk ($30) have gone to a sleeker packaging, but kept their state-of-the-art, multifunctional formulas that offer hair the deeply nourishing treatment typically reserved for skin care.

This makeover comes also with a new must have product: NEW OI Body Wash ($25) has the same luxurious scent you've come to love from OI, along with a creamy lather that will make your daily beauty ritual an extraordinarily pampering experience! The Body Wash is enriched with the signature OI rocou oil, a native Amazonian plant rich in beta carotene, which helps prevent aging and maintains skin's elasticity. The wash also contains gentle surfactants, which will provide a deep, yet gentle cleanse that will leave skin feeling soft and extremely hydrated.

Davines / Essential Haircare OI is a line of products conceived for an absolute beauty on all kinds of hair. From the synthesis of Davines’ state-of-the-art science laboratories, thanks to its multifunctional, versatile and pleasing sensorial characteristics OI offers an extraordinarily effective and pleasant cosmetic treatment.

After the appreciation received from the exemplar OI / OIL, today the line has been enriched with three new products, new variations of a philosophy that combines concrete solutions that meet all needs with the concept of a deep beauty treatment that cosmetics has reserved until now to skin care.

All OI products contain roucou oil, a plant from Amazonia, also known as annatto. Very rich in beta-carotene (100 times more than carrots) it has a restructuring action on hair and favours its growth. Stimulates the production of melanin and considerably reduces cell damage from UV radiation, prevents ageing, maintains skin elasticity and is rich in trace elements. Rich in ellagic acid, known for its neutralizing power against free radicals.

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