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Keratin Complex Color Therapy introduces 7 new, luminous shades of KeraBrilliance

Monday, 06 April 2015 00:07

Keratin Complex Color Therapy, the full range of professional hair color from Keratin Complex®, continues to light up the hair color world with seven new, luminous shades of KeraBrilliance Demi-Glaze Liquigel Color, a game-changer in the industry.

KeraBrilliance is the first product I’ve ever seen that clients ask for specifically by name because they notice and love the difference it makes in their hair—it lasts longer and delivers incredible, incomparable color results and shine,” says Deb Gavin, Keratin Complex’s International Artistic Director for Color Therapy and owner of Fresh Hair Studio in Philadelphia. “I love the shine, conditioning and overall color that KeraBrilliance offers; the durability and even uptake are huge for a colorist!

The NEW KeraBrilliance Demi-Glaze Liquigel Color shades are:

  1. > 6.4/6C Dark Copper Blonde
  2. > 7.23/7VG Medium Violet Gold Blonde
  3. > 9.23/9VG Lightest Violet Gold Blonde
  4. > 9.0/9N Lightest Blonde
  5. > 5.74/5KC Light Caramel Copper Brown
  6. > 7.6/7R Medium Red Blonde
  7. > 6.64/6RC Dark Red Copper Blonde

The unique benefits of the KeraBrilliance demi-permanent hair color line include Triple Protein Protection®, a blend of signature keratin, collagen and silk amino acids that helps to repair and restore strength to damaged, compromised hair; and quinoa extract that increases moisture retention, creating touchably soft, silky texture.

What creates the dazzling color? Keratin Complex Color Therapy KeraBrilliance is an acidic hair color, as opposed to alkaline, as it is less damaging to hair. Acidic pH helps seal the hair cuticle to create dramatic shine. The high concentration of KeraBrilliance pigmentation delivers exceptionally long-lasting results.

If a client comes in and feels off-tone, faded and dull, KeraBrilliance is the answer! My clients notice that their color stays looking like the day they left my chair for much, much longer,” Gavin says.

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  • KeraBrilliance

  • KeraBrilliance


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