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EuforaStyle... Why fit in when you can stand out?!

Monday, 16 March 2015 19:02

Whether avant-garde, architectural shapes or classic, comfortable silhouettes speak to your style sensibilities, EuforaStyle lets you celebrate the beauty of individuality

More than just a styling product collection, EuforaStyle is about attitude and personality. It speaks to confidence, and encourages the creation of your own unique style statement. No Stereotypes. No Rules. No Boundaries.

Designed to deliver fashion, versatility and powerful performance, the new EuforaStyle celebrates a fresh and exceptionally stylish Eufora personality. Clean, modern and sophisticated lines in packaging give EuforaStyle a universal and timeless appeal that allows it to live beautifully in any environment while shining alongside the five new Eufora Hair Care Promises, as well as Eufora Beautifying Elixirs and Hero for Men.

Along with the launch of EuforaStyle, Eufora is proud to introduce FOUR fabulous and fashionable NEW products - Full Effect – Dry Texturizing Spray, Boost - Root Lifting Spray, Sea Spritz – Beach Texture Spray, and Traction – Molding Pomade. All four unique products were formulated to accomplish the on trend styles essential to our most artistic and innovative hair stylists. The final result is a well-rounded portfolio that exceeds expectations in delivering personal hair style statements from classic to contemporary.

The Complete EuforaStyle Product Range Includes:

Elevate. Create, re-create, spray and stay strong with this firm workable finishing spray. MSRP: $26.50
Uplift. All day spray. Keep humidity at bay with this extra firm finishing spray.           MSRP: $25.50
Piece Works. Pliable power. Add texture and shape with this crafty paste. MSRP: $24.75
Pure Polish. No grease, just gloss, from this shine emollient! MSRP: $30.50
Fixation. Stay strong and separate yourself with this versatile styling wax. MSRP: $24.75
Boost. This root lifting spray takes you from flat to fabulous in a flash! MSRP: $26.50
Details. Delivers dimensional tress texture training. A dry spray wax. MSRP: $24.00
Powder Lift. Tap at root or shake, rake and roll with this boosting powder. MSRP: $22.75
Formation. Whip it into shape with this unique and versatile styling foam. MSRP: $24.50
Sculpture. Get global application for soft wear with this styling glaze. MSRP: $27.25
Full Effect. Voluptuous volume in a can. Powerful, all day stay with this dry, texturizing spray. MSRP: $25.75
Sea Spritz. A beachy blast. Oceans of body come from the beach texture spray. MSRP: $25.50
Illuminate. Slip, shining. A spray shine mist of course! MSRP: $24.50
Traction. Do it, then move it. A renegade pomade. MSRP: $26.50

The EuforaStyle Promise joins the Eufora Nourish, Volume, Thickening, Curl’n and Smooth’n Promises, rounding out a comprehensive and customizable Eufora hair care collection.

For more information, please contact 1-800-638-3672 or visit


  • EuforaStyle Products

  • EuforaStyle Products

  • EuforaStyle Products


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