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Say No to Dry, Dull & Brassy – Revitalize your Blonde with Joico

Friday, 20 February 2015 17:24

5-Minute Instant Gloss Toners featuring 4 New Demi-Permanent Shades plus 3 New Permanent Crème Shades!

Say hello to Sultry Blondes and goodbye to brassy, dull and dry! All too often, a lightening treatment can leave hair dry, brittle and “brassy.” But here’s the rescue: Joico Vero K-PAK Color’s 4 New Demi-Permanent Instant Gloss Toners – which complement any VeroLight, VeroBlue or Crème Lightener blonding services – neutralize and enhance the tone of pre-lightened hair in as little as five minutes. These remarkable demi-liquid toners are also the perfect choice to revitalize faded blonde hues, plus pack a moisturizing punch to newly blonde hair eliminating concerns about dullness and dryness. Convenient and speedy, choose from these 4 shades:

  1. Instant Gloss Toner Natural Gold for a beautiful, buttery blonde – rejuvenate a faded brunette or redhead with a healthy glow and a long-lasting, glossy shine.
  2. Instant Gloss Toner Natural Beige for a natural, classic blond – keep blonde highlights fresh between color visits.
  3. Instant Gloss Toner Natural Violet for a soft, pale blonde.
  4. Instant Gloss Toner Natural Silver for a striking platinum blonde – return yellowing white hair back to an elegant shade of silvery white.

Features & Benefits

  1. Reconstruct hair with Quadramine Complex® as you color.
  2. Only 5 Minutes: Deliver the ultimate in healthy, luminous, long-lasting color in one simple step.
  3. • Demi-liquid toners are the perfect choice to revitalize faded blonde hues, plus pack a moisturizing punch to newly blonde hair eliminating concerns about dullness and dryness.

Joico didn’t stop with these 4 wonders! Want to create luminous, believable, utterly gleaming blondes without a hair of brassiness? Vero K-PAK’s new Permanent Crème Sultry Blondes Collection is for you: all the glamour, plus hardworking ingredients that actually reconstruct hair while you color. Introducing New Very K-PAK Color Sultry Blondes Shades:

  1. 10N (Very Light Natural Blonde) – for a natural tonal result (also helps eliminate unwanted warmth at darker blonde levels).
  2. 10B (Very Light Beige Blonde) – for a soft beige tonal result on various levels of natural blonde.
  3. 10G (Very Light Gold Blonde) – for a soft, golden vanilla result on lighter levels and an illuminated, vibrant gold on darker levels.

These shades reconstruct hair with the power of K-PAK (Quadramine Complex®) while you color to keep hair healthy and shiny, leaving your client with color that’s intensely luminous and radiant. Perfectly true-to-tone blonde shades, use these three new true-looking hues to unleash the artist within you, and give your clients the ultimate in healthy, luminous, long-lasting color.

To get the Sultry Blonde Technique Color step-by-step, visit now. And for home-care maintenance, use Joico’s NEW Color Balance Purple, perfect for neutralizing brassy/yellow tones in blonde or gray hair!

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