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Davines launches its New Essential Haircare Line

Tuesday, 13 January 2015 16:27

A targeted benefit for every type of hair, conceived with respect for people, their values, and the environment we all live in! Essential Haircare is the daily haircare product line that best epitomizes the Davines brand and embodies the company's values more than any other collection.

Today all of its nine families have been completely updated, while also adding a new family - MINU. Produced using only energy from renewable sources, with Zero Impact® packaging and reduced use of plastic, Essential Haircare reaffirms the brand’s commitment to the environment with a new objective: to contribute to the safeguarding of our planet's biodiversity.

The Essential Haircare line has been reborn out of an astute combination of the scientific commitment of Davines' scientific laboratories and protection of the Mediterranean's artisan and cultural heritage. The collection includes optimal formulas free from sulphates and parabens, and with just a few, selected active ingredients grown in Italy that contribute to keeping alive vegetable species at risk of extinction. This range of product families for daily care, each with their own nickname, offers all the essential desire to do what the name promises, a nod to traditional familial Italian customs. Each family contains select, active ingredients that deliver immediate and targeted effects for specific hair needs, and are enriched with natural anti-oxidant, and protective properties.

Davines has decided to collaborate with the non-profit Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity by joining the Presidia Project; this non-profit foundation protects selected places in order to safeguard the Earth's biodiversity, by building bridges between ecology, gastronomy, ethics and the pleasures of the table. There are more than 400 Slow Food Presidia worldwide, which technically and financially support more than 10,000 small producers so that they can continue to grow plants that are typical of specific places, thus preventing the disappearance of a genetic heritage with an inestimable biological value. The goal is to relaunch the economy of these areas and prevent the extinction of local artisan traditions. Each family in the Essential Haircare line contains one specific active ingredient from a Slow Food Presidia that features the story, the face, and the name of the farmer who grew it with care and passion.

The packaging for Essential Haircare is created with the minimum amount of plastic necessary to adequately protect the formulas inside. The packs are produced using food grade plastics and can be repurposed as containers or plant pots. As part of LifeGate's Zero Impact® project, the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the production of each Essential Haircare container are offset by contributing to the creation and protection of forests in Madagascar. Essential Haircare is produced with energy obtained entirely from renewable sources.

Davines has enhanced the quality of each formula by enriching them with high percentages of rapidly biodegradable ingredients of natural origin, to minimize environmental impact. Essential Haircare shampoos are formulated using gentle surfactants that respect the hair and are sulphate free; their foam is incredibly creamy and dense and dissolves easily in water. All of the products are free of parabens. Each Essential Haircare family has a specific property: nourishment, moisturization, volumizing, shine enhancement, protection, elasticizing, control, daily care. All keep the promise implicit in their name with the common objective of protecting the hair from external attack while guaranteeing an immediate cosmetic effect.

The nine Essential Haircare families have been designed to respond to precise necessities of the hair with a rational approach and maximum transparency towards the consumer. Each of them is characterised by specific formulas to preserve the hair structure, guaranteeing health and beauty, day in, day out.

Davines products are available for purchase at and in professional salons nationwide.

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