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Vero K-PAK Color Age Defy: Amazing Gray Coverage Results

Tuesday, 11 November 2014 18:26

People might be excited over the upcoming film release of 50 Shades of Gray, but colorists will be excited to know they can cover gray 100 percent, with Joico's 10 new shades, from the first name in gray coverage that give complexion-illuminating results.

Releasing 10 additional new shades this November, Vero K-PAK Color Age Defy’s “Lustrous Naturals” are 10 luminous gray coverage shades designed to cast a youthful, flattering glow on clients’ complexions. Eric Mayes, Expert Colorist for Vero K-PAK Color Age Defy says: "The new shade families in Vero K-PAK Color Age Defy are an amazing addition to the Age Defy palette. They insure complete gray coverage with the most luxurious, rich, multi-dimensional results that compliment any complexion and enhance one’s eye color. The “Age Defy” shades are formulated so that you don’t have to mix more than one shade to achieve gray coverage, but they can be intermixed to create an unlimited range of possibilities. The best part – “Age Defy” leaves the hair feeling like the younger version of itself… full of life! The “Lustrous Naturals” are my new must-have tool in the salon for creating head turning results!"

Key Features & Benefits
The Age Defy permanent crème palette offers the largest selection of gray coverage shades + three age-defying benefits in each tube of color:

  1. • Softer, more manageable texture
  2. • Renewed luster and vibrancy
  3. • Optimal condition

Age-Defying Science
Like skin, the natural aging process affects hair. Over time, your clients may notice their hair is: visibly more gray, dull and “flat”, coarse and wiry in texture, more brittle and prone to damage. So defy the effects of time with two anti-aging breakthroughs in Vero K-PAK Color Age Defy:

  1. 3-Defense Technology: A deep-penetrating blend of timereleased lipids, essential amino acids and bio-mimetic ceramides that soften and smooth the hair structure for superior condition and manageability.
  2. Quadramine Complex®: award-winning technology that has made K-PAK® “Stylists’ Favorite Reconstructor” for 14 years. Repairs, strengthens and protects hair from the inside out during processing for unmatched condition and healthy-looking results.


Natural Ash Series
Precisely balanced natural shades that control underlying pigment and neutralize warmth for optimal gray coverage:

  1. • Light Natural Ash Brown (6NA+)
  2. • Dark Natural Ash Blonde (7NA+)


NEW Mocha Beige Series
Rich, warm mocha chocolate shades that deliver deep, creamy results—ranging from caramel mocha to mocha latte hues—for luminous, balanced gray coverage:

  1. • Medium Mocha Brown (5MB+)
  2. • Light Mocha Brown (6MB+)
  3. • Medium Mocha Blonde (8MB+)
  4. • Light Mocha Blonde (9MB+)

Brown Gold Series
Produces a warm brown-beige background with just the right amount of gold to boost hair radiance and deliver full gray coverage:

  1. • Medium Brown Gold (5BG+)
  2. • Light Brown Gold (6BG+)
  3. • Light Gold Blonde (9GB+)
  4. • Very Light Gold Blonde (10GB+)


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