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Raw Hair Organics launches Raw Curls, an Organic Hair Care Line for Textured, Curly Hair

Monday, 15 September 2014 21:24

Raw Hair Organics adores curls! So much so, they developed Raw Curls – a natural and organic hair care line created specifically for textured hair, promoting smoother more hydrated curls.

There are currently 7 products in the new range, from cleansers to pomades, catering to the needs of curly hair without harsh chemical influences.  Raw Curls products are purity in a bottle with performance stylists and their clients will love!

Salon owner, stylist, and certified master colorist, Melanie Nickels, founded Raw Hair Organics. As the owner of Raw Hair Organic Salon in Naples, Florida, she recognized the need for a truly organic, professional hair care line that delivered exceptional results to her clients. The success of Raw Hair Organics led her to develop Raw Curls.

The Raw Curls line includes:

Raw Curls Cleanser ($30.00/16oz, $50.32 oz, $170./1 gal): A wonderfully new, curly hair experience! Be prepared for a completely sulfate-free cleansing experience with a surprisingly luxurious lather! Raw Curls Cleanser enhances curls, enabling super hydrated and frizz-free results. “We use the perfect combination of gentle cleansing agents and numerous nourishing plant, botanical and fruit oils to give your beautiful curls the TLC they deserve,” Nickels expressed.

Raw Curls Conditioner ($36./16oz, $70./32 oz, $240./1 gal): Thick and emollient, yet surprisingly lightweight, with the perfect blend of nature’s finest plant based ingredients, soothing even the most unruly curly hair. This conditioner penetrates inside the hair shaft, instead of only coating the outside; it is PH balanced plus contains patented anti-frizz molecules that will keep your curls healthy and looking their best!

Raw Curls Anti-Frizz Spray ($20./8 oz): Raw Hair's hottest product, receiving rave reviews! This spray is an absolute must for all hair types! Spray it generously on hair as a leave-in detangler, allowing easy glide-through curls, long lasting frizz control and shine. Use it on non-wash days, or any time, as a curl refresher. This frizz control spray is made with a patented Kerabead keratin technology and seaweed microcapsules (16 oz bottle to be released soon.)

Raw Curls Medium Hold Gel ($30./16, 55./32 oz, 180./1 gal): A must have for fabulous curly hair! This gel creates perfect definition, with a medium hold and no crunchiness, while providing maximum frizz control. It works great for all curl types, from wavy to curly coils; a great tool for men’s styles as well.

Raw Curls Mousse ($20./8 oz): Perfect help for fine hair - this light, soft foam builds body and volume. The perfect product for those looking to enhance waves or for soft, shiny curls. With plant based UV protection, cell rejuvenating ingredients, and antioxidants, your hair will stay vibrant and healthy, while looking its best.

Raw Curls Pomade ($26./3 oz): A unique finishing product for superior shine, separation and texture; taming curls and frizz, even in the most humid weather. Best results proven when used with Raw Curls Cleanser and Conditioner.

Raw Curls Shine Serum ($20./1 oz): A combination of 100% organic oils, giving hair superior conditioning, shine, and frizz control, while healing your scalp and skin of numerous ailments with Tamanu Oil (used for thousands of years in the South Pacific to promote healing). 

All Raw Curls products are professionally formulated as a healthy option over chemically damaging commercial hair care products. It’s also a wonderful product for those with skin sensitivities due to its purity. Experience how amazing your curls can look and feel with Raw Curls. Proof is in the performance! Raw Curls products are Silicone-Free, Sulfate-Free, Alcohol-Free, Paraben-Free, Wheat-Free, GMO-Free, Not Tested on Animals.

For more information on the Raw Curls line of hair care products visit: and click on the Raw Curls link!


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