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Wella Professionals launches four Color Touch shades for Quick Glossing Service

Tuesday, 06 October 2020 15:16

Wella Professionals introduced four new Color Touch shades in cool reds (8/35, 9/75, 10/34 and 8/41), perfect to compliment the service in the final glossing step.

This 15-minute glossing product will leave hair looking refreshed without a long appointment, which is more important than ever in today’s salon landscape.

Wella recommends using the four new Color Touch shades in trending #RoseBlonde and #CopperMelt looks. Wella Professionals stylists have seen increased demand for these fresh color combinations!

Wella Professionals Brand Ambassador Briana Cisneros has noticed stone washed mauve and dusty rose colors trending amongst her clients. “The addition of these blush shades comes at a perfect time, when my blonde clients are asking more and more for a trending rosy look to change things up.”
– Shades: 8/35 and 9/75 (see LuxeLights #RoseBlonde application recommendation below)

Wella Global Creative Artist Sonya Dove is excited about the addition of modern reds to compliment and round out the Color Touch portfolio. “I've been craving a muted red to add to my collection, these will be great for my clients looking for that cool copper look.
– Shades: 10/34 and 8/41 (see #CopperMelt layering application recommendation beow)

The new Color Touch shades are now available at for $7.25 for 2oz.

LuxeLights #RoseBlonde
Color Formulas
– Freelights Powder + Freelights Developer
   ➤ A: 30g Powder + 45g 9%
– Color Touch + Color Touch Emulsion
   ➤ B: 20g 8/35 + 40g 1.9%
   ➤ C: 20g 9/75 + 40g 1.9%
Step by step
– Step 1: Divide the hair into two sections, one on each side and leave out the hair at the nape.
– Step 2: Starting at the front, apply formula A to the lengths and ends. Continue towards the crown area.
– Step 3: Repeat on the other side working from front hairline to crown.
   ➤ Use your fingers to blend formula A onto the surface of the hair for a seamless transition.
   ➤ Develop until a level 9/0 is achieved. Shampoo and neutralize with Blondor Seal and Care.
– Step 4: Apply formula B to the root area, stretch the color over the line of regrowth for a seamless, blended finish.
– Step 5: Apply formula C to the lengths and ends of the hair. Use your fingers or a comb to blend into the root color.
   Develop, rinse, shampoo and neutralize with Color Motion Express Post Color Treatment.

#CopperMelt – unique glossing layering technique
Color Formulas
– Color Touch and Color Touch Emulsion
   ➤ A: 10g 7/43 + 10g 8/41 + 40g 1.9%
   ➤ B: 10g 8/41 + 10g 9/16 + 40g 1.9%
   ➤ C: 10g 10/34 + 20g 4%
   ➤ D: 20g 10/34 + 5g 8/43 + 50g 1.9%
Step by step
– Step 1: Prepare the hair with ColorMotion+ Pre-Treatment. Apply formula A to the root area. Apply over the line of regrowth.
– Step 2: Starting at the nape, take a diagonal section apply formula B to the lengths and ends.
– Step 3: As you work up towards the crown, continue to take 4 1cm slices. Alternate formulas B, C, D until you reach the top. Repeat on the other side.
– Step 4: Develop for 20 minutes, remove and neutralize with ColorMotion+ Express Post Color Treatment in just 30 seconds!

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