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Denman Brushes & Jack Howard present Precision Colouring Tools

Friday, 31 July 2020 09:40

Brainstroming between Denman Brushes and expert colour technician Jack Howard can only mean one thing: pushing the art of technical colouring to a level never before possible.

Dad always said, “A workman is only as good as his tools”, a philosophy that Denman Brushes and Jack Howard took to heart and in hand when rethinking and redesigning the simple tint brush into a precision tool, focusing on attention to every detail to optimise results for clients and control and comfort for colourists. It should be obvious: new technologies and techniques require new tools. And over recent years, colouring products have been revolutionized and new techniques have been developed for increasingly stunning effects.

Jack assimilated this need in the market in his own work. “The importance of tools for the colourist is beyond critical – absolutely essential. Color is no long just a tint or a set of foils, it’s all encompassing and superdetailed highly technical skill. Hair cutters have high precision scissors, and so it’s about time colorists had precision tools for their craft too.

But instead of just wishing on a star, Jack took action! “I had been frustrated for years with how bad colouring brushes are and finally gave up the hunt for a decent one. Instead, I decided to design one myself,” explained Jack, “I went to Denman with a design concept, including a 3D print of the handle and a clear idea of what I did and did not need from a colouring brush.

Denman's new patented tint brush design incorporates ‘Temple Technology’ – where high-quality synthetic bristles are angled to create a narrow and long-lasting tip for detailed and precise color application. Indeed, the bristle length and angled design enables the brush to hold just the right amount of colour without overloading or reducing the precision edge and the perfectly balanced ergonomically designed handle is contoured to fit comfortably in the the hand for exquisite control and a level of precision not possible with traditional tint brushes. Moreover, Denman’s Precision Colouring Brushes come in three sizes; Small – for detailing and micro-Balayage, Medium – for classic Balayage, re-touching and highlights and Large – for panel colouring, pasting and glazing.

Yet another feature of Denman’s Precision Colouring Kit is the uniquely designed Balayage Board. This double-sided tool has both a textured side for holding hair firmly in place for detailed colouring, and a smooth area that serves as a palette for holding colour and blending. The board’s sculptured handle guarantees a comfortable grip for the artist.

Dad also had another gem of advice: always use the right tool for the job. So Jack and Denman added a Mixing Brush to the Precision Colouring Kit, to be used exclusively for that purpose. This helps prolong the quality and effectiveness of the brushes by avoiding splaying while mixing.

As always, Denman designs tools for hairdressers by hairdressers, a dream come true.

For more info, please visit / Instagram @DenmanBrush

Don't miss the video below!

  • Denman Precision Colouring Tools

  • Denman Precision Colouring Tools

  • Denman Precision Colouring Tools

  • Denman Precision Colouring Tools

  • Denman Precision Colouring Tools



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