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Returning to Nature: Hair Commitment to the Environment

Friday, 26 June 2020 15:25

VIESO is the forerunner of natural organic hair products in France. Its story is one of commitment to the environment and the natural world, both in its manufacturing processes and in the ingredients it uses.

VIESO was founded in 1974, in Valensole in the south of France. The founder, Guillaume Ducos, who is also a biologist, holds the view that honey is the amazing crystallisation of various beautiful flowers collected and created by bees in the natural world. Threatened by the numerous chemical substances in the industrial society, the world of bees is becoming more and more fragile. Einstein once predicted that if bees disappear from this world, human beings would have only 4 years left to live. Among the 1,330 plants indispensable to humans, over 1,000 need the pollination of bees. Therefore, from the very beginning, the motto of the VIESO brand has always been “Nature at Heart", which shows our respect for nature.

With sales performance at the forefront, VIESO is the forerunner of natural organic hair products in France. In order to maintain the future ecological environment on earth, the brand insists on environmental protection from the manufacturing process to the ingredients it uses. Out of the respect for life, no animal testing is allowed by VIESO.

We have also set up waste disposal and assortment areas in our production bases, with solar energy system equipped to heat the processing water. There are many innovative and environmental protection designs among them, including the recycling system of rainwater, solar energy and wind power generation system. Organic, joy, and vitality are the features the brand conveys, and it thanks every customer for their approval and support for the commitment and hard work VIESO has devoted into searching for natural hair care products.


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