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Revitalize Hair Color with Eufora's Beautifying Elixirs Color Revive!

Friday, 22 November 2013 14:47

There's nothing more invigorating than stepping out of the salon with gorgeous, freshly colored hair. It's easy to feel like a superstar when hair color is at it's most vibrant... but after a few weeks, fading is inevitable thanks to UV rays, heat styling, and shampooing.

To combat this, Eufora created Color Revive™ that provides a weekly color refresher for hair that will keep it vibrant between visits to the salon. What's unique about this product is how you use it. Beautifying Elixirs Color Revive™ can be added to ANY conditioner or masque, so you don't have to change up your current routine or be forced to purchase additional conditioning products! And, unlike other color additive products, you control the amount of pigment you want to use and Color Revive™ contains zero ammonia or peroxide, so it's not damaging to hair. Even if you don't color your hair, Color Revive ™ is also ideal for enhancing non-color treated hair!

Color Revive ™ formulas provide up to 15 applications per bottle and come in the following three shades:

Brilliant Blonde: Removes brassiness in blondes and highlighted hair.
Radiant Red: Revives and richness copper and red tones.
Bold Brunette: Revitalizes and enriches brown tones.

Color lasts 3-5 shampoos depending on hair type. For best results and deeper color saturation use Beautifying Elixirs Damage Cure Clay Masque™

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  • Eufora's Beautifying Elixirs Color Revive

  • Brilliant Blonde... before and after

  • Radiant Red... before and after

  • Bold Brunette... before and after


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