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Take it Off! …or at Least Look Like you Do!

Monday, 01 July 2019 14:39

The Joico LumiShine Natural Warm Series ‘Nude Glow’ shades are the perfect blend for any skin tone and make you glow with natural-looking radiance.

Especially now, as temperatures rise and we show more and more skin, why not simplify things and opt for a “nude” look for your hair to match your make-up? Of course “nude” make-up is not really nude at all, but is formulated to bring out a more natural glow with neutral and golden shades. Well, Joico LumiShine Natural Warm ‘Nude Glow’ shades can do the same for your clients’ hair.

These ‘Nude Glow’ shades are a collection of permanent crème, demi-permanent crème, and demi-permanent liquid colors that deliver stunning, believable, glowing looks for the healthiest-looking hair ever.

I love the new Joico LumiShine Natural Warm ‘Nude Glow’ shades,” exclaims Larisa Love, Joico Brand Ambassador, “because they are the perfect blend of neutral and golden shades to enhance any skin tone and bring out their natural glow and luminosity!

If you already love Joico LumiShine, you will fall in love all over again as soon as you realize that these modern tones provide fantastic flexibility in all 3 color categories.

The Permanent Crème Color instantly restrengthens hair with up to 2x shine*, reduces breakage** and offers 100% gray coverage. The nourishing protection seals in moisture, softness and shine for up to 30 shampoos****.

The Demi-Permanent Crème Color delivers up to 2x shine, reduces breakage** and instantly restrengthens hair like its sister product. This gentle Ammonia-free option also restores hair to a healthier looking state while eliminating concerns about color-service damage.

⦁ Otherwise, the Demi-Permanent Liquid Color still delivers up to 2x shine* and instantly restrengthens hair with its nourishing protection that seals in moisture, softness and shine for up to 30 shampoos****. This ammonia-free and pH-balanced formula offers the ideal viscosity for drip-free bottle application. Its versatile formula allows you to correct, glaze, gloss, and blend gray – perfect for any for fashion-forward look.

And you can choose from any of the 13 shades in the Natural Warm Series.

Another benefit of the Joico LumiShine system is the built-in breakthrough ArgiPlex Technology that transforms hair from the inside out. Built with Bond-Building Arginine, a naturally occurring amino acid crucial to hair’s strength, it helps to protect hair and reduce breakage in every treatment.

Moreover, the Patented Conditioning Complex coats the hair shaft to nourish and protect color-treated hair for up to 30 shampoos. Built with an exclusive Quadramine Complex®, this unique blend of low-molecular proteins adhere quickly to maximize reconstruction from cuticle to cortex. The result? Healthier-looking hair after each LumiShine color service.

Seeing is believing. Try it yourself!

Find out more about LumiShine Nude Glow Color Collection at

* vs. untreated damaged hair
** Combing breakage on damaged hair with K-PAK® Color TherapyTM Shampoo and Conditioner vs. non-conditioning shampoo
*** vs. haircolor without ArgiPlex
**** When followed with K-PAK® Color TherapyTM Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Joico LumiShine NW NudeGlow

  • Joico LumiShine NudeGlow Demi Perm Creme

  • Joico LumiShine NudeGlow Demi Perm Liquid

  • Larisa Love

  • Larisa Love


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