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Rikoko Prism Leave-in Conditioners: A Complete Range including Opal, Gold, Bronze, Rouge and Violet

Friday, 08 June 2018 14:22

RIKOKO Beauty cuts through the clutter with a boutique collection of premium quality luxury haircare products, authentic storylines and bespoke experiences.

In an age of boundless access to information, products, and discounts, consumers are very thoughtful about the choices they make and what they spend their money and time on.

Ultimately the choice is personal, so it’s essential for brands to connect to the consumer as a unique individual.

The Rikoko range of Prism leave-in conditioners addresses this need for personalization with a range of 5 varying hues including Opal, Gold, Bronze, Rouge and Violet to treat, protect, maintain and reflect a clients specific hair color.

We keep the conversation genuine and relatable,” says co-founder and color expert Richy Kandasamy, “our goal is to give stylists something fresh to talk about and to give consumers products that solve problems like color fading, parched hair and dry itchy scalp.”

The must have for the summer season complete with UV protection and coconut oil to combat the sun and chlorine, current promotions include a holograph travel pouch with all orders of RIKOKO Prism.

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