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Strong Bonds 2.0 – Color Transformation: Schwarzkopf Professional continues the #StrongBonds story!

Friday, 16 February 2018 18:05

To meet the demand for high-lifting performance, Schwarzkopf Professional has now integrated its cutting-edge Fibre BondTechnology into NEW IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights and NEW IGORA Vario Blond.

In 2016, FIBREPLEX® – the bonding system from Schwarzkopf Professional allowed colorists to create head-turning color transformations with an optimal level of performance. Using the Bond Enforcing Service, hairdressers were able to lighten, lift and color with minimized hair breakage. The launch of Strong Bonds paved the way for Schwarzkopf Profession’s bonding services, integrating the Fibre Bond Technology into IGORA ROYAL® Highlifts and introducing Bond Connector Technology in the No. 2 Bond Sealer.

In 2018, Schwarzkopf Professional will be proud to continue the #StrongBonds success story with our NEW category of premium bonding services. As salon customers become more informed about hair color trends, Schwarzkopf Professional will continue to enable hairdressers to create head-turning color transformations with an optimal level of performance. Thanks to the integration of Bonding Technology in all IGORA lightening & lifting color products, hairdressers can continue to deliver their clients’ desired looks to maintain optimal hair quality.

NEW Color Transformation In-Salon Services

NEW IGORA Vario Blond: Now with integrated FIBRE BOND Technology
– IGORA VARIO BLONDSUPER PLUS POWDER for up to 8 levels of lift (left)
15.8 oz / $22.75     
– IGORA® VARIO BLOND PLUS POWDER LIGHTENER for up to 7 levels of lift (right)
15.8 oz / $20.75

The lightening range has been upgraded to offer:
• High lifting performance with less breakage due to the integrated FIBRE BOND™ Technology
• Anti-Yellow Effect
• Dust free

IGORA ROYAL® Fashion Lights®: Schwarzkopf Professional's 1st Fashion Colors with integrated FIBRE BOND™ Technology
Available in 3 NEW shades: L-22 Dark Blue, L-33 Dark Green and L-49 Muted Rose
2.1 oz /  $7.95

The lifting and toning color cream has been upgraded to offer:
• Integrated FIBRE BOND Technology which enforces bonds within the hair fibre to reduce hair breakage
• Lift up to 5 levels on dark bases without pre-lightening and color in one step
• Maximum level of tonal vibrancy with reduced color fade
• Accurate color results
• Intense Pigment Combination of ultra-vibrant dye boosters and a special blend of high-performing pigments. These pigments deliver greater tone luminosity, vibrancy and long-lasting results.

NEW Finishing Touch to the In-Salon Services

Schwarzkopf Professional Bond Sealer
The finishing touch for our 2 new upgraded color lines
500mL / $47.00

Bond Sealer Benefits:
• Balances pH levels to lock in color pigments
• Integrated FIBRE BOND™ Technology
• Helps to create bonds and seal the hair surface
• Intensive treatment with long lasting strength, suppleness, and shine

Understanding the Innovative Fibre Bond Technology

The hair structure can be weakened by breaking inner bonds during lightening. The result is a visibly damaged inner and outer structure. To help protect the hair from damage during lightening and coloring, the active ingredients in the Fibre Bond Technology create a protective layer around the hair bonds. As a result, the hair is left in optimal condition.

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