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A Sweet Treat: When MOP –Modern Original Products– met POMegranate

Wednesday, 07 February 2018 16:34

MOP stands for Modern Original Products and are all tools for the environmental hairdresser, formulated with vegetable and fruit-based ingredients, botanicals and natural extracts wherever possible.

A company as green as this is exciting for us, seeing how MOP never tests its products on animals and nearly all of the formulas are vegan (some contain honey for very specific performance reasons). AND WE LOVE IT ALL!

MOP’s newest POMegranate collection launched and includes daily shampoos, conditioners and styling products plus a restorative oil and mask treatment. Signature ingredients include basil, mint, olive oil, lemongrass, aloe, apple cider vinegar and NOW POMegranate!

Distinguished as one of the rare superfood fruits that works nearly as effectively topically as when ingested, MOP’s precisely-balanced POMegranate formulations act as a luscious hair superstar… minus the calories! MOP POMegranate products are rich in essential fatty acids and contain Punicic Acid (a compound found naturally in pomegranate fruit) which is known for its ability to quickly strengthen and revive dull, tired hair.

Like a juice bar for your hair, MOP extracts its exclusive POMegranate enzyme via cold pressing the fruit’s seeds, which separates the fibers from the fruit’s most important cells. This process eliminates oxidation of the resulting pulp, elevating MOP’s POMegranate formulas to retain greater volumes of hair-friendly nutrients (iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc), vitamins (anti-oxidants A, C and K), cell proteins and live enzymes.

POMegranate seed oil also works as a carrier, elevating the beneficial properties of other essential oils –like argan and coconut oils in the formulation– to perform more efficiently than when served up alone.

NEW MOP® POMegranate Products:

MOP POMegranate Smoothing Shampoo – 8oz/250ml >>> $24.00 each
MOP POMegranate Smoothing Shampoo – 33.8oz/1L >>> $48.00 each
MOP POMegranate Smoothing Conditioner – 8oz/250ml >>> $26.00 each
MOP POMegranate Smoothing Conditioner – 33.8oz/1L >>> $52.00 each
MOP POMegranate Smoothing Lotion – 4.24oz >>> $24.00 each
MOP POMegranate Glossing Pomade – 4.25oz/125ml >>> $27.00 each
MOP POMegranate Nourishing Mask – 8.45oz/250ml >>> $35.00 each
MOP POMegranate Nourishing Oil – 1.7oz/50ml >>> $32.00 each

While the POMegranate’s bountiful benefits for tackling hair and scalp issues have been used by ancient Asian cultures for centuries, their locks likely didn’t take a toll from the issues affecting modern hair; indoor/outdoor temperature extremes, flat irons, blow-drying, hot rollers or over-processing. A dollop of each multi-tasking POMegranate product becomes a multi-sensory experience of naturally beautiful and always toxic-free benefits –more vibrant color, greater resilience, supreme luster, smoothing, etc.– resulting in luxurious, healthy hair each step of the way.

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