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Turn Inspiration into Reality with NEW Wella Professionals Color Fresh CREATE

Friday, 26 January 2018 19:04

Inspired color, expressive results: Wella Professionals continues to push creative boundaries in providing clients with next level color services that accentuate and reveal one’s expressive self.

Inspired by the truly transformative colors and care-free hair of provocateurs from the 1970’s, Wella’s master craftsmen have developed a line of shades to skilfully bring the trend of the bold and the bright into Wella’s portfolio of color.

Now you can transform any color inspiration you see into a truly sophisticated art with the new Wella Professionals Color Fresh CREATE.

Color Fresh CREATE is a semi-permanent expressive color collection with 12 specially-crafted pure vibrant shades and one clear shade. Co-created with 9 Global Creative Artists, this intermixable palette creates beautiful pastelization and bespoke coloring results. Color Fresh CREATE offers limitless color creativity to transform any inspiration into a truly personalized and sophisticated color, lasting up to 20 washes. Whether it is a vibrant and bold color or a gentle pastel hue, Color Fresh CREATE offers the freedom for unlimited coloring effects.

Formulated with True-to-Tone technology, Color Fresh CREATE fades true-to-tone over time and pastelizes during each wash – gradually fading into beautiful, soft pastel hues and avoiding an off-tone fade.

What I love about the arrival of Color Fresh CREATE is I now have the ability to expand my color communication in more imaginative ways. Every hue in the portfolio is richly saturated and has a unique personality that provokes the next level of artistry for me. I’m inspired to want to get to know each character and what they’re capable of alone, together, or in ways unimaginable!” explains Sonya Dove, Wella Professionals Global Creative Artist.

If I had to choose a fun color to dye my hair, it would be difficult to pick just one. I’d choose multiple colors, I think rainbow hair would be fun. If I was pushed to pick just one, it would be pink because everyone loves pink and it’s a fun festival look,” says Sophie Turner, Wella Professionals Global Brand Ambassador.

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