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Precision Cutting! Wahl Professional unveils Limited Edition “Senior” & “Hero” Tools

Monday, 23 October 2017 12:27

Every professional has their tools of the trade. For barbers, it all comes down to long-lasting precision from their clippers and trimmers of choice.

Using that as their inspiration, Wahl Professional is pleased to announce a limited run of two of their most popular tools with a nod to the industriousness of those who use them: The Wahl Limited Edition Industrial Senior and the Wahl Limited Edition Industrial Hero.

People reference our clippers and trimmers as ‘tools’ all the time,” said Aaron Flick, Senior Marketing Associate, Professional Division, Wahl Clipper Corporation. “A light bulb clicked on that we should make the products and packaging look like industrial tools.

The updates to the appearance of both are striking. The Limited Edition Industrial Senior features a hint of measuring-tape yellow to its power switch and taper lever, while the Limited Edition Industrial Hero features a thin yellow pinstripe along the side, with a rugged stencil font used on the packaging and trimmer itself. Perhaps even more apparent is the powerful feel of the Senior, thanks to its fully-encased chrome manufacturing. “These are heavy duty items that can be used by the busy barber or stylist all day long in the shop,” said Flick. “These two pair great together for precision cutting.

While the aesthetic has changed as part of the new limited edition product release, the work ethic associated with the tools has not.

The Industrial version of the Senior clipper still features Wahl’s most powerful electromagnetic motor ideal with a 0000 blade for precision fading and blending, along with an eight-foot professional grade, chemical resistant cord. The limited edition of the Industrial Hero t-blade trimmer maintains its supremacy of extremely-close trimming and the ability to create crisp, clean lines with next-level hair tattooing.

Both tools come standard with cutting guides (8 for the Senior) oil, and a cleaning brush. As these editions were released on September 15th, barbers and stylists looking to upgrade the tools of their trade are encouraged to visit to find a Wahl distributor for purchase before their limited run ends.

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