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Turn to the Cool Shot Button for High Gloss finishes Sam Villa Artist Series Professional Blow Dryer

Wednesday, 28 June 2017 23:18

Most stylists are aware that heat breaks the hydrogen bonds in hair allowing it to be reshaped, hence thermal tools. BUT, many aren’t aware that cool air serves a purpose too – it closes the cuticle and locks in style and shine.  

Look for professional dryers like the Sam Villa Artist Series Professional Blow Dryer that have a cool shot button in an easily accessible location for one touch high gloss finishes.

I see so many stylists going over and over sections of hair multiple times to get a nice shiny finish, and that’s not the most efficient way to create shine.  Styling hair with one or two passes of a thermal tool should be enough, then utilize the cool shot button to lock in the finish, close the cuticle and add gloss,” says Sam Villa, co-founder of Sam Villa® and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken 5th Avenue, who stresses maximum results with minimal effort.

Other benefits of using a cool shot button are:
– Hair looks healthier when it’s shiner
– Smoothing the cuticle reduces frizz and tangles
– Cooling hair helps maximize volume as it prevents hair from collapsing as it sets

Another way to increase shine is by reducing heat all together and drying hair on a lower heat setting to reshape without roughing the cuticle up as much.

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