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Take Action for August Hair Loss Awareness Month with Bosley Professional Strength

Thursday, 22 June 2017 23:01

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month and now is the time to take preventative and proactive measures against this issue. It’s crazy to think that hair thinning/hair loss begins at age 35 for most women... not to mention that 90% of hair loss is genetic!

Bosley Professional Strength is here to help and has a collection of products specifically targeted towards prevention and treating those that suffer from hair thinning or loss. See below for a few expert tips from Michelle Blaisure, Bosley Professional Strength Director of Education!

– Genetics is the primary cause of hair loss in men (about 95% of loss due to genetics)
– 38% of women said they started to notice the change around age 35
– 86% of women, when surveyed, said they would be concerned if they started to thin in their 30’s
– By age 60 about 60-70% of men and about 50%-60% of women will have thinned

Hair loss and excessive shedding can occur for many reasons:
– Genetics
– Extreme Stress
– Child birth
– Illness
– Immune disorders
– Medications
– Tight braids, weaves and improperly applied extensions

– When hair starts to thin, it’s important to address it early as it is easier to keep it than to get it back!
Use products designed for scalp health and thinning hair that add thickness and volume so hair has a fuller look, and when used for prevention, slow the look of aging hair
– Shampoo frequently with a thinning hair cleanser, like Bosley Professional Strength BosRevive Nourishing Shampoo, which is designed to remove any build-up and debris from the scalp and hair
– For a quick cover up try natural keratin hair fibers like Bosley Professional Strength Hair Thickening Fibers, as they give instant density in the hairline and crown.

Bosley Professional Strength is available at ULTA Beauty, professional beauty salons and barber shops nationwide. Fore more information, please visit

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